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About Me



The Frost Boss Custom  Cakes was birth in 2010. When I became pregnant with my first child. I had cravings for my grandmother’s homemade tea cakes. My grandmother had passed 10 years prior by this time and the only ingredient my aunts and mother could tell me about the recipe was, it used homemade sugar cane syrup. So my quest began, after 36 different recipes, me and my unborn child was happy. Until I remembered what my grandmother's pound cake use to taste like!!! Needless to say, I developed a niche for making the perfect recipes. When my daughter was born, I promised to be the best cookie and cake making mom ever. After my daughter’s third birthday and a few cakes in between I was well on my way. Baking was what I did in my downtime for fun that turned into a passion. To spark your imagination, feel free to browse through the cake photo gallery. 

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